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Lifestyle Classes


A.B.T. (ABs and Thighs class)
A 45-min. intense fat burning class focusing on muscle work for strong and lean glutes, quads, hamstrings and abs!

All Abs Workout!
The name says it all! Start your day with this early morning 20 min. workout to blast your core muscles - the abs! After class, you are free to join in on a Spin class, or do your own workout in the gym!

Body Blast Core & Abs Workout (non-cardio)
Each class begins with a vigorous warm up to provide a cardiovascular challenge, followed by a combination of Bosu, Stability Balls, resistance training and yogic stretches – all combined in this class to give your body a well-balanced and focused workout. Both beginners and experienced exercisers will benefit from the variety of resistance challenges.

Boot Camp Circuit Challenge
An intense workout for sports enthusiasts - more athletic circuit training, more muscle sculpting, minus the brain drain choreography! Core conditioning is the focus in the second half of the class. Hand weights, stability balls and classic sports-based exercises are incorporated to condition the entire body.

20/10 Circuit
An interval training cycle of 20 seconds of maximum intensity exercise using hand weights, Bosu and Pilates-inspired core training principles followed by 10 seconds of rest with light stretching and changing equipment, repeated without pause. This high-energy class is great for fat-burning and toning muscles, building bone mass and strengthening the core. A great way to increase both aerobic and anaerobic systems! (no choreography / impact options offered).

Interval Sculpt n’ Tone (non-cardio)
The STEP, resistance tools & stability balls are used in intervals. YOU control the intensity in this non-cardio workout.

Pilates/Yoga Fusion
An infusion of Pilates and Yoga - to bring you strengthening and lengthening for a total mind-body conditioning workout. This no-stress workout focuses on the body’s most important core muscles—the abdomen. The moves are praised for helping exercisers create the long, lean look many people crave.

Power Pace Spinning
Spinning is a stationary bicycle group fitness class that focuses on muscle drills, speed intervals, plus seated and standing cycling work. We guarantee that you will find this the most fun you’ve ever had on a stationary bicycle!

Move to a little bit of salsa, cha cha cha and more on the floor to great Latin dance tunes – this class is for everyone! You won’t want to miss it. No dance experience is necessary – get ready to sweat and to let loose!

Spin Interval
An energizing Spinning workout on the stationary bikes to stimulate your speed, strength and endurance! Exercises alternate between cardio and weights, designed not only to burn more calories, but also to make this a great workout for your entire body!

Strong Core
This class is for those looking to increase freedom of movement, gain strength and reduce stiffness Warm-up on the Spinning bikes is followed by multi-planar movements, combined with functional core exercises and stretches, using BOSU, Stability Ball, hand held weights and resistance bands. The result—your body working more effectively as a whole! Class location: Gym / Please sign-in at Front Desk to reserve your space / Meet at the Spinning bikes

Flow Yoga
“Flow”-ing from move to move, this method increases heat in the body while combining elements from Ashtanga and Power Yoga formats. This class focuses on pranayama ~ the breath ~ as each posture is sustained and held to bring awareness into the body and enhance stamina.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Incorporates elements of Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga, core strengthening and breath work in a Flow Vinyasa style. Get a complete warm up, followed by a moderate workout in a fluid format, followed by relaxation. You will leave feeling integrated, toned and rejuvenated.

World Yoga / Hatha Yoga
Elements of Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga are combined to cultivate balance - mental as well as physical, because they go hand in hand. Using the poses and your experiences within the poses are intended to bring your entire body to an alive and vibrant state by activating every nook and cranny of who you are. Core Yoga Fusion This class adds elements of strengthening and toning the core and abdominal muscles, interspersed with Hatha Yoga.

Power Yoga
This popular form of Yoga is for everyone looking for a more challenging approach to their Yoga classes. It generates heat from within the body while increasing blood circulation to working muscles. This style of Yoga is a workout in itself with all of the usual benefits of stretching!

For more information on these programs, contact Sharon Brown-Horton, Lifestyle Director at 604-689-4424.

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